Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mahindra Classic - Major Service

After many successful OTRs and Rescue operations during the last flood that happen in Velachery, Chennai due to the rain the Jeep was crying for attention.

I really thank to my jeep for saving us during the last rainfall, our house was flooded with 5 and half foot water and the only vehicle to take us out from the flood is the Mahindra Classic. It did really heroic action during the critical time.

Right from water mixed oil in the differential to broke components under body, I decided to address all of them at one stretch. So my future offroad plans will not have any interruption at the last minute.

At first we stripped the Jeep to an extend to see what are all the stuffs required attention

After careful investigation, found

1. Differential oil and Gear oil needs to be changed
2. Steering components (most of the joints) needs major replacements
3. Break career plate, cylinders, oil, disc break pads & caliper, drum break shoes and converter TC valve all required to be changed.
4. The suspension also been worked out so I will have comfort drive again
5. In addition few engine related items such as shields and valve door washers are also required attention.Hence we decided to change them all including king pin bearings and few other components. I hope to see the music system will have a change too in the Jeep.
My mechanic's team is fully aware of the importance that I have in my jeep hence they do have careful lookout of individual components for any attention that is required. I'm guessing the jeep will be delivered in a day or two before I make my debut drive after service.