Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mahindra Classic - Driving comfort

Last week jeep had few updates for comfort driving. Got the four shock absorbers replaced, while replacing the shock absorbers found the rear wheel had a oil leak. The root cause is being identified as damaged rear wheel hub and bearing, it was long process to get things right, as I had also replaced the rear wheel hub and other packing items such as oil seal and sims. After doing the break and shock absorbers, I also found the leaf spring bush was damaged due to prolonged use. Hence the whole (front and rear)shakle kit was replaced with the ones comes with nipple for grease application.
The leafs in the spring also got corrected for its positioning with each components in the leafspring assembly of both front and rear pairs. I had to replace one of the main leaf as it was already broke and hanging on the 2nd lever.
Folks in Jeep Thrills gave me this idea of nippled shakle kit.
The driving comfortablity was greatly improved to an extent after concluding the above listed work. Since I couldn't find a wire wheel for the spare wheel on the jeep, I took Maruti Gypsy rim as spare and cover it with Mahindra stepney cover to make it look better. ;-)

Friday, April 25, 2008

Wheels are Aligned - Mahindra CL 340 DP

After a notable tyre depreciation mark, I have taken the jeep to the computer assisted 3D wheel alignment center. Though they could correct only the tow part of wheel alignment with strighting the steering wheel.
Got a chance to look at the underchase parts in my classic as the jeep was lifted with the power lift.

Ofcourse, the wheel alignment finally corrected the tight steering wheel issue and now I can easily turn around with my jeep. Apart free turn of steering my next issue to address goes with the break as one of my jeep's wheel get jammed as and when I press the break pedal tightly causing skid over the road. Need to visit the garage to fix the issue as it invovles great risk with the break.

Naming ceremony - Explorer

The re-born boy Mr.Mahindra Classic has also undergone a naming ceremony, As I have officially named my Jeep as Explorer.
The name in reflectors sticked on the windshield and looks awesom.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Show Off - Mahindra Classic

The day one experience in my office with Mahindra Classic is really amazing, as almost all the vivid automobile enthusiastic reached me asking for details of the Jeep. Even some of them wondered if I spent huge budget to bring it to this condition (Not their mistake as they compare the work with modern car's maintenance cost).

Driving to office in Classic is not so easy as modern cars but the impression I create on the road is amazing experience. I could see the crowd in local transport buses, two wheelers, Drivers of other cars apply break to see me. My parking lot in office was already surrounded by the smokers who pass by every time, the security guards stopped asking me the ID as they recognize me with my jeep ;-) he he he (Unique feature)
I have not really engaged the 4WD in my Jeep though few tests proved it in good working state, will make an attempt in the near future. The spare wheel, exhaust pipe and side view mirror are the last pending work that I need to concentrate as of now, hope to get it done very soon.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Tyres for Mahindra Classic

The first run in chennai for my mahindra classic is to the tyre shop as I have to do that in high priority to save the wheels and suspensions of the jeep.215/75 R15 the tyre size of Mahindra Classic was been the last work to complete on the Classic, along side the windshield also changed yesterday. The below picture shows the old tyre with black colored wire wheels. I need to avoid the chrome plating work as the guys in garage advised me not to do, because the alignment of spokes may get spoiled if i do that. So simply colored it with black.
While I was looking out for options, I made my mind with Haida (Made in China) tyres which had a good button type for both off and on road. This tyre is also worked out economically compare to its Indian/US counter parts.Now the jeep looks appealing with the new tyre, here is the picture of fitted tyre. All the 4 wheels wear a new shoe now.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Aspecious Ocasion

The Tamil new year's turned out to be the aspecious day for the delivery of the jeep from garage, though some more work needs to be done in chennai.
The jeep was taken for a Pooja in Tiruvannamalai temple and short run followed in the night.
Today I took the jeep from Tiruvannamalai to Chennai around 200kms distance, without windshield I really felt the wind though the soft top was on.
During the first run to chennai I had a short break and picture is for your persual.

Cosmetic operations

Jeep has reached a state where the final cosmetic touch-up of 2K painting, Now the jeep really looks cool with hot chilli red color.
Last week was one of the busiest week(end) for the garage guy working day and night for the delivery of the jeep.
The liner also done a good job making a good seats for the jeep, they are sexy looking and as usual the crew has fitted it nicely. The liner also made a verygood floor mat and thermocol lining both inside the engine compartment and under the dash board to reduce cabin heat.
Sunday was also turned to be a good day as we have also fitted the soft top and its frame, to say the jeep has almost reached the state of final work. Though I need to change the tyres and fit new windshield glass etc.