Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mahindra Classic - Driving comfort

Last week jeep had few updates for comfort driving. Got the four shock absorbers replaced, while replacing the shock absorbers found the rear wheel had a oil leak. The root cause is being identified as damaged rear wheel hub and bearing, it was long process to get things right, as I had also replaced the rear wheel hub and other packing items such as oil seal and sims. After doing the break and shock absorbers, I also found the leaf spring bush was damaged due to prolonged use. Hence the whole (front and rear)shakle kit was replaced with the ones comes with nipple for grease application.
The leafs in the spring also got corrected for its positioning with each components in the leafspring assembly of both front and rear pairs. I had to replace one of the main leaf as it was already broke and hanging on the 2nd lever.
Folks in Jeep Thrills gave me this idea of nippled shakle kit.
The driving comfortablity was greatly improved to an extent after concluding the above listed work. Since I couldn't find a wire wheel for the spare wheel on the jeep, I took Maruti Gypsy rim as spare and cover it with Mahindra stepney cover to make it look better. ;-)


daggupati chandu said...

hi sir need some help on classic plz msg ur number on my mobile 09959540404

daggupati chandu said...

hi sir plz send ur number to 09959540404 need ur guidence for my classic