Sunday, March 7, 2010

DIY - Rear(l) view mirror for Mahindra Classic

Do it yourself, just the installation part but the buzz is that after a term of one and half years waiting finally the Explorer is wearing close to its original spec side view mirrors with original Mahindra Classic like fittings from it's American Sibling Kaiser CJ5 Jeep.
Yes, finally I have got a set of original CJ5 Jeep's original side view mirror set which fits like icing on cake. I have a small problem though as one of left hand side unit shipped (brought) to me had a wrong hole on the arm causing a minor issue in alignment.
I can drill a 90 degree hole against the current set of holes in the arm to correct the problem. It will be done next week as now i'm on my way to Coimbatore. Just fixed the mirror in the Jeep and had a test drive to see if it works, man it gives me new view sight in the jeep which I was missing all along.