Friday, July 31, 2009

Noiseless and Heatless

As the clutch fixing issue dragged the whole day today, I took another sub-project with in the engine bay upgrade that is sound and heat proofing of the cabin area.

Once again we removed the engine down from the engine bay, as to work on the bell housing to fix the clutch issue. I received an information from a senior automobile enthusiastic Mr. Dhabhar Behram that the MM775 hardtop 8 seater (mahindra commander like jeep) had XD3P with cross shaft clutch setup. That gave me an idea how to solve my clutch.
I simply grind open the XD3P bell housing to make an arrangement for cluth fork to work on the right hand side. The previously installed XD3P bell housing has been removed and kept aside. Hopefully by tomorrow we will have the Jeep running with the new upgrade.
I know all you people who are reading my blogs must aware of the Mouse in our computer and the pad that helps the mouse to move smoothly. I'm using the same cushion used under your mouse pad for noise and heat reduction of the Explorer passenger cabin.
I'm still working on air-filter placement and the right air filter setup for the Explorer.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mahindra Classic wears XD3P motor now

The Mahindra Classic has got the Peugeot XD3P engine mounted and started now. But it is not completed yet as we are facing few teething issues with the clutch wire routing as the cross shaft clutch assy used in the previous engine is not usable with the current engine.
Hence looking for options to complete the installation, at the max I may fabricate a clamp to route the cable like original one.
As expected the engine mount was very simple as both the previous engine and the current ones are using similar engine bed (mounting platform).
We started to engine today and I fell in lust with the sound, It showed me a future of much reduced noise driving experience.
I have also took a picture of my current odo reading(48994) so, this will serve me a purpose of total number of kilometers that I'm going to drive the Jeep with XD3P engine.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Explorer is in the Operation theater

My explorer is in the operation theater now, today only lots of preparation work has been done and the engine transplantation has been kicked off. The mechanic has carefully removed the winch, front grill and other components from the engine bay.
New engine is really cool looking after primer painting. All leaked oils, diesel have been cleaned properly and painted.
We found the clutch disc surface had water markings with minor rust and with the help of surface cleaning done by the lathe people now the ply wheel clutch surface is back to good condition.
I put my little effort to get the Peugeot XDP 4.9 2112CC 62BHP engine coming out of the engine bay, this is the last time the original engine sits on my Jeep. In fact my current engine had done its last run in this morning to the Mechanic's garage.

It was sad to see the engine getting down from the under bonnet compartment, but all for good. Tomorrow the Classic is going to wear a upgraded engine and all new power band is assured. (The current engine is good at compression and it pulled me all over the places I visited, it never let me down) Adieu Peugeot XDP.
The Peugeot XD3P installation required minor parts replacement such as water jacket replacement, clutch release bearing replacement, accelerator cable replacement and major issue are being worked on the battery and air filter fitment area.
The mechanic and myself are working to find a better solution, I hope we will come up with an idea before tomorrow afternoon so the actual transplantation will be completed before tomorrow evening. In any case I'm pretty much on the schedule.
Along with the engine transplantation I've also decided to change the radiator not that my current radiator got any issue or something, but I wished to have a four core radiator. As I have already plans set for Air-conditioning the Classic cabin, I'm working out all the possible requirements.

I have sourced SK radiator company's four core radiator today (Brand new) and same will be installed tomorrow. The current radiator from explorer will be installed in the Navigator (Petrol CJ3B)
Alongside all these upgrades the Explorer got it's origina front bumper corner protector shields.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mahindra Classic - Heart Transplantation countdown starts

I’m officially starting the ticker to set heart transplantation schedule for my Mahindra Classic. The power of storm is not going to be installed but adequate increase will be made possible to the Jeep now. With in the next one week time the Jeep going wear a fine tuned heart.

The current stock engine in the Jeep is Peugeot XDP 4.9 is a 2112CC (2.1 liter) 62BHP diesel motor. This engine is a wet liner and gear driven cam. The major problem that I’ve been facing with this engine is that of overheating, many have faced the same issue and I can feel my foot board always hotter. With the hot temperature outside and adding to the climate the cabin also heated up with the Peugeot engine most of the time I sit in the Jeep with sweat wetting my dress.

Air-conditioning with the current engine is not going to be possible as the engine may burn to death. I was looking at various options such as adding extra condenser fan, additional pressurized coolant or four core radiators. But the question will it be sufficient to run Air-Conditioning? Will it be ok to run Air-Conditioning with extra output Alternator?

Having installed the electrical winch, I’m also thinking of additional powered alternator, the current alternator is 65amps 12v capacity but I need something with 100+ amps. But the vacuum pump that is assisting the break booster sits behind the alternator restricting my options and increasing the money to be spent.

After taking all these issues in to the consideration, and the overhaul cost that may happen due to the age of my current Peugeot engine I opt to choose Peugeot XD3P 2498CC (2.5 liter) 72BHP dry liner engine that runs chain driven cam due to the super smooth driving compare to the older one.
This one is much quieter than Peugeot XDP 4.9. The major advantage of choosing this particular model is that this engine mounting beds is same as the current one hence I don’t need to worry about any alterations in the engine bay. So far so good, however I expect few change to displace the air filter and battery and also clutch setup may require some attention.

Watch out this place I’m going to achieve many new add-on to the jeep after my Jeep’s engine transplantation. Those are:
  1. Opel Astra alternator – 100+ amps power output. (My XD3P engine got the vacuum pump attached above the engine as a separate assembly and no need to worry about the alternator upgrade, now options are wider to me)
  2. Air-Conditioning become easy as the XD3P engine is designed for such facilities in the vehicles it was originally installed. I have even got the clamps to mount Air-conditioner’s compressor.
  3. 10bhp additional power, which can take few extra pounds on my Jeep. Hurray bigger rims and permanent placement of my recovery kit with in the Jeep.
  4. A nice music system to pass my lonely time with the Jeep on the highway cruise. (You may ask me why is it not possible with the current setup, dude the current engine screams lot louder than you think so I can’t even hear what the co passenger speaks)
  5. Noice and Diesel emission is going to be heavily controlled as the XD3P is Bharat Stage II standard vehicle.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mahindra Classic gets an addnl. recovery gear

Thanks a ton to Shibu, fellow Jeeper from Dubai who came down to Chennai last night to pay a visit to his Mahindra MM550 restoration work. He came from Dubai not just to see his Jeep work but to also to surprise me to an extent every Jeeper envy my ally with Shibu. I hope you know what I'm talking about, yes Shibu bought a bag full of goodies for my Jeep's recovery gear.
Except the Hi-Lift all cast 48" jack, none of the other goodies were in my wishlist, however after seeing them on hand I was like dream come true mode.

The items that he brought for me are

1. Tool organiser bag

2. Foldable handy Shovel
3. Rear view Mirror (Huge type with mobile rining alert, this is a must to have in any jeep as the noise of diesel engine over shouts my mobile ringtone as I always felt impossible to notice the mobile ring.)
4. Air pressure check meter
5. hi-Lift jack carrier plate which is broader than the Hi-Lift jcak's base to provide better base for the foundation. This is one plastic item but strong enought to carry 3 tonne load
6. Hurry! my dream come true here, I got a Hi-Lift jack 48' size

7. X-Trax Traction system for sand, snow and mud - another WOW factor
In addition to that, I would like to list my age old tow wire which is my first and foremost recovery tool added to the explorer. I'm listing it here as I have not blogged it before in this blog
The above tow cable is the forefather for all the other recovery tools I have collected.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mahindra Classic & Mahindra CJ3B - Siblings

I must not post this blog in the dedicated Mahindra Classic blog, but thinking on a point that the CJ3B is elder brother of Mahindra Classic I decided to post about my recently possessed Mahindra (Kaiser) CJ3B petrol Jeep.
It's a good news to share among the offroading community and jeep enthusiastic who visit my blog here. Actually my savings to a MM550 me to purchase a 1969 model Mahindra (Kaiser - that's what the book claims) CJ3B petrol powered right hand driven JEEP.
Now officially I'm owning my 3rd JEEP (Mahindra Classic, MM540 and CJ3B), many of you definitely know about my Explorer and the MM540 is actually working like horse in Neyveli now. The recent addition CJ3B is going to be with me and I'm going to prepare this Jeep in the looks of military line.
Oh yeah, this is also going to be with me for some offroad trips such as slush and sand.

I'm still confident on using my Explorer for boulders and rocky terrain. The first and foremost thing I do when I purchase a vehicle is to name them. So the new boy at my collection will be called as "Navigator" (Many of you must of already known, Professionally I'm a webmaster and Explorer and Navigator are well known in Internet arena and also they well suites the Jeep)
I'm not going to write regularly about my CJ3B restoration story in this blog, but to cut the long story short here is the update on my CJ3B restoration work.
Jobs that are completed:

Complete break overhauling done
Clutch plates have been replaced
New battery has been put on place
Getting the oil filter replaced with original style Fiat old type oil filter
Engine water jacket aluminum manifold has been replaced (Technically called Elbow)
The gearbox has been overhauled, replaced 2nd gear and synchronizer rings with bearings
Load gearbox levers have been put on place
Brand new front propeller shaft has been installed (MSL make)
Still the front axles are missing and trying to get hold of brand new MSL 22/34.5 axle with 10/19spline

Accessories for external looks have been collected and the list of collected items were:

1. Gun carrier
2. Front Grill black out lights
3. Pick axe
4. Body side handles
5. Jerry can
6. Jerry can stand, goes on the rear tail gate and the stepney will be moved to left side of the jeep
7. Small amo box to be fixed on the right side above rear wheel as first aid box
8. Large sized amo box to be fitted in the rear side of both the front seats as tool box
9. Head light protection grill
10. two shackle rings for the front bumper
11. Old type rear tail lights
12. Insect protection mesh for the front grill
13. Rubber pads for the clutch and break pedals

Parts that are getting sourced

1. Tail gate with Jeep written on it
2. Dash board small indicator lights and aluminum plates
3. Side view mirrors that goes on the body front side with a rod
4. A spiral pipe manual air horn
5. Emergency break assy with drum, carrier plate, break handle and cable etc.
6. Original military type Scissor top fittings
7. Right hand mudguard blackout light
8. 7.00x16 NDMS tyres (5 nos)
9. Rear Bumper protectors

Pending tasks

1. Tinkering
2. Painting
3. Canvas top
4. Electrical adjustments
5. Carburetor overhaul with new packing kit

Some more tit-bits that are interesting to a few:

1.This jeep will be done up in Chennai
2. The rear full door and completely covered rear part will be removed
3. The windshield and Lbow on the engine are badly damaged and same will be replaced as I got that word from our Jeep father Mr.UBS
4. Lots of tinkering will be carried on the Jeep but painting will be delayed for 6 months till next January
5. Mechanically the front axles, 4wd operation levers, front propeller shaft are missing and same are getting replaced.
6. I'm think of pull down type rear door, let me see how it is going to be worked.