Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mahindra Classic gets an addnl. recovery gear

Thanks a ton to Shibu, fellow Jeeper from Dubai who came down to Chennai last night to pay a visit to his Mahindra MM550 restoration work. He came from Dubai not just to see his Jeep work but to also to surprise me to an extent every Jeeper envy my ally with Shibu. I hope you know what I'm talking about, yes Shibu bought a bag full of goodies for my Jeep's recovery gear.
Except the Hi-Lift all cast 48" jack, none of the other goodies were in my wishlist, however after seeing them on hand I was like dream come true mode.

The items that he brought for me are

1. Tool organiser bag

2. Foldable handy Shovel
3. Rear view Mirror (Huge type with mobile rining alert, this is a must to have in any jeep as the noise of diesel engine over shouts my mobile ringtone as I always felt impossible to notice the mobile ring.)
4. Air pressure check meter
5. hi-Lift jack carrier plate which is broader than the Hi-Lift jcak's base to provide better base for the foundation. This is one plastic item but strong enought to carry 3 tonne load
6. Hurry! my dream come true here, I got a Hi-Lift jack 48' size

7. X-Trax Traction system for sand, snow and mud - another WOW factor
In addition to that, I would like to list my age old tow wire which is my first and foremost recovery tool added to the explorer. I'm listing it here as I have not blogged it before in this blog
The above tow cable is the forefather for all the other recovery tools I have collected.

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