Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mahindra Classic & Mahindra CJ3B - Siblings

I must not post this blog in the dedicated Mahindra Classic blog, but thinking on a point that the CJ3B is elder brother of Mahindra Classic I decided to post about my recently possessed Mahindra (Kaiser) CJ3B petrol Jeep.
It's a good news to share among the offroading community and jeep enthusiastic who visit my blog here. Actually my savings to a MM550 me to purchase a 1969 model Mahindra (Kaiser - that's what the book claims) CJ3B petrol powered right hand driven JEEP.
Now officially I'm owning my 3rd JEEP (Mahindra Classic, MM540 and CJ3B), many of you definitely know about my Explorer and the MM540 is actually working like horse in Neyveli now. The recent addition CJ3B is going to be with me and I'm going to prepare this Jeep in the looks of military line.
Oh yeah, this is also going to be with me for some offroad trips such as slush and sand.

I'm still confident on using my Explorer for boulders and rocky terrain. The first and foremost thing I do when I purchase a vehicle is to name them. So the new boy at my collection will be called as "Navigator" (Many of you must of already known, Professionally I'm a webmaster and Explorer and Navigator are well known in Internet arena and also they well suites the Jeep)
I'm not going to write regularly about my CJ3B restoration story in this blog, but to cut the long story short here is the update on my CJ3B restoration work.
Jobs that are completed:

Complete break overhauling done
Clutch plates have been replaced
New battery has been put on place
Getting the oil filter replaced with original style Fiat old type oil filter
Engine water jacket aluminum manifold has been replaced (Technically called Elbow)
The gearbox has been overhauled, replaced 2nd gear and synchronizer rings with bearings
Load gearbox levers have been put on place
Brand new front propeller shaft has been installed (MSL make)
Still the front axles are missing and trying to get hold of brand new MSL 22/34.5 axle with 10/19spline

Accessories for external looks have been collected and the list of collected items were:

1. Gun carrier
2. Front Grill black out lights
3. Pick axe
4. Body side handles
5. Jerry can
6. Jerry can stand, goes on the rear tail gate and the stepney will be moved to left side of the jeep
7. Small amo box to be fixed on the right side above rear wheel as first aid box
8. Large sized amo box to be fitted in the rear side of both the front seats as tool box
9. Head light protection grill
10. two shackle rings for the front bumper
11. Old type rear tail lights
12. Insect protection mesh for the front grill
13. Rubber pads for the clutch and break pedals

Parts that are getting sourced

1. Tail gate with Jeep written on it
2. Dash board small indicator lights and aluminum plates
3. Side view mirrors that goes on the body front side with a rod
4. A spiral pipe manual air horn
5. Emergency break assy with drum, carrier plate, break handle and cable etc.
6. Original military type Scissor top fittings
7. Right hand mudguard blackout light
8. 7.00x16 NDMS tyres (5 nos)
9. Rear Bumper protectors

Pending tasks

1. Tinkering
2. Painting
3. Canvas top
4. Electrical adjustments
5. Carburetor overhaul with new packing kit

Some more tit-bits that are interesting to a few:

1.This jeep will be done up in Chennai
2. The rear full door and completely covered rear part will be removed
3. The windshield and Lbow on the engine are badly damaged and same will be replaced as I got that word from our Jeep father Mr.UBS
4. Lots of tinkering will be carried on the Jeep but painting will be delayed for 6 months till next January
5. Mechanically the front axles, 4wd operation levers, front propeller shaft are missing and same are getting replaced.
6. I'm think of pull down type rear door, let me see how it is going to be worked.


Larrymo said...

Very nice Mahindra Jeep collection Siva!

I especially like your "Classic" CJ3B model.

Stay safe and keep on Jeeping!


Derrick Trucks said...

One of the oldest launches in India.But still making it's way through the competition.The durability factor is one of them.

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