Friday, July 31, 2009

Noiseless and Heatless

As the clutch fixing issue dragged the whole day today, I took another sub-project with in the engine bay upgrade that is sound and heat proofing of the cabin area.

Once again we removed the engine down from the engine bay, as to work on the bell housing to fix the clutch issue. I received an information from a senior automobile enthusiastic Mr. Dhabhar Behram that the MM775 hardtop 8 seater (mahindra commander like jeep) had XD3P with cross shaft clutch setup. That gave me an idea how to solve my clutch.
I simply grind open the XD3P bell housing to make an arrangement for cluth fork to work on the right hand side. The previously installed XD3P bell housing has been removed and kept aside. Hopefully by tomorrow we will have the Jeep running with the new upgrade.
I know all you people who are reading my blogs must aware of the Mouse in our computer and the pad that helps the mouse to move smoothly. I'm using the same cushion used under your mouse pad for noise and heat reduction of the Explorer passenger cabin.
I'm still working on air-filter placement and the right air filter setup for the Explorer.

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