Monday, August 3, 2009

Mahindra Classic - Air filter with paper element

After the brief pause due to weekend holiday at the garage, now the jeep engine fixing is back on the rails. We bought a brand new Air-Filter setup of Mahindra Bolero vehicle that has paper filter element in it. Sure thing that it is going to reduce much of noise and give clean air to the engine to breath.
The new radiator is finally installed on the grill and the grill assy is now fitted on the jeep too.
Also the engine is mounted and clutch issue is fully solved, explorer sleeping just before making it maiden trip after the grand power transplantation project.
By tomorrow we will fix the air filter and an issue that has stopped our schedule today. The problem is that my earlier power plant got vacuum pump behind the alternator and oil circulation tube initiated from the engine sump and traverse through the vacuum pump to reach the oil filter assy where the oil pressure switch was connected.

Now with the current engine, there is no outlet on the sump and the vacuum pump also has no connectivity from oil filter. You know what I need to use a different oil pressure gauge which will take the reading with oil tube that runs from engine block to the dash board. This is seems to be a age old method, since there is no options for oil pressure electrical switch on this engine, I'm left with option.

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