Thursday, August 13, 2009

Flat tyre

Today it was again day with Mahindra Classic shoe work, the rear left side tube in the tyre was flat. Not worried as I noticed the flatted tyre in the office parking lot and changed spare wheel.
When reached tyre store found that the mouth of the tube inside the tyre is gone and needs replacement, BF Goodrich tube gone in.
How about rotating the shoes? Yeah, that is what I was thinking and same has been done today.
I had issues with my steering directions last time during the offroad so my mechanic corrected the issue with tie road in the steering system. He suggested me to do the wheel alignment, hurray flatted tyres took the credit today the wheel alignment also corrected with computer assisted machines.

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poojasakpal said...

Hi i'm Mrs pooja sakpal from mumbai..looking for classic let me know if there r any 2 sell in gd condition..i dnt mind traveling..