Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mahindra Classic - 76 BHP 2.5Liter

Hurray, The Explorer got the heart transplanted successfully.

It was quite drive compare to my old XDP, smooth and very powerful.
Now following has got into my Explorer

1. Peugeot XD3P 2456CC 76BHP motor and usable bell housing
2. Bolero/MM550 type paper element airfilter with element damage indicator
3. 65amps alternator with vaccum pump (replaced the independant vaccum pump due to unavailablity of belt also the engine sump of XDP has replaced the XD3P engine oil sump as there is not inlet pipe for vaccum pump oil circulation)
4. four core radiator
5. Clutch and Accelerator cables were replaced
6. Radiator hoses have been replaced
7. Engine water jacket has been replaced with the M&M latest plastic part
8. complete oil service including engine, gearbox, differntials and break oil top up done
9. Clutch release bearing and fork changed

The following items will go into the Explorer in a short span

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