Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tree Trunk(Bark) Protector

Be nature friendly, that is what we always say when we talk about offroading. At time we have to run over bushes on the forest offroad but we always very cautious in protecting nature wherever we can. We normally carry litter bags to carry the litter back from our offroad trips, we don't cut tree or harm animals.

But during recoveries we do run into issues as we need to rob around trees to get hold for our winching operations. Some times we found the tree trunk bark got damaged, a simple search on the internet and winch company websites shown something called Tree Trunk Protector. If something I can achieve by spending money to save environment is always on the welcome list.
The latest recovery gear equipment is that of Tree Trunk protector, This one is 3tonne direct pull capacity and if used with basket model (routing the strap around the tree's trunk is called basket model pull) I can achieve 6tonne capacity which is more than sufficient for a Jeep weighting 1.4tonne plus 100 to 200 kilo grams on board.

I have also got a recovery gear bag custom made for the recovery stuffs along with the Tree Trunk Protector. Hmmm life is more easy now to carry all of them at once. No need to worry about forgetting something out of the complete gear whenever going for offroad.
This bag is made of tarpaulin kind of canvas material and very strong to hold all the heavy stuffs.

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