Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mahindra CL340 DP 4WD - Body Work - Sand Blasting

As the orignal color of my jeep as per the RC book is Red, I make up my mind to restore the original color. The project body work started here with Sand blasting.

Sand Blasting is been taken for removing black paint on the surface. My jeep stands for blasting action in a sand blasting company:

There two blasting required one is the hard blast to remove the paint, rust and damaged putty and the second blasting is soft blasting with nice sand material to clean up the surface. Here is the 1st blasting:

Opps, Lately I learned a lesson after loosing my windshield glass. Before blasting the jeep one should remove all the glass items.

After the surface cleaning activity, this is how my jeep looked:

After removing the broken glass and windshield folded position

Getting ready for the first drive - Mahindra Classic

He he he ... Though my baby is un attended condition for 4 years, He is quite alive and started his exploration immediately after bath and haircut. Little bit of mechanical work to service the Jeep.

New battery, Oil service and Water service with some minor work made him up on the road.

My Mahindra Classic

Spotted Mahindra Classic crying for a owner to give'm a new life
Got to go for a new life, He is in the hands of Siva(Proud owner of the orphan baby). I have named him at the first look as Explorer.

Rusty Wire Wheels, a most attractive wheels produced for a Jeep in bad shape:

Engine, Dashboard and Misc pictures:

The Mahindra Classic: Specifications

CL340 DP 4WD - General Specifications:

Cooling System :
Water cooled, centrifugal pump type, thermostat controlled.

Clutch Type :
Single Dry plate, heavy duty, Outside dia .235mm.

Transmission :
Ratio Type :4 Speed, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Synchromesh

1st gear 3.986:1
2nd gear 2.368:1
3rd gear 1.473:1
4th gear 1.000:1
Reverse 5.315:1

Transfer Case :
Type 2 speed, single lever located on Floor. Ratio :High 1:1, Low 2.46:1.

Front Axle :
Full floating hypoid type.
Capacity : 907 kg. Axle Roatio 4.88:1.

Rear Axle Capacity :
Semi floating Capacity 1134kg.Axle Roatrio 4.88:1.

Steering :
Ball Type. Ratio 20:1 3 Spoke steering wheel.

Turing Circle radius :
5.3 m.

Brakes :
Service :- Tandem Master cylinder, Servo Actuated Disc in front, Internal Expanding shoe brake at rear
Parking :- Internal expanding operates on Rear Wheels, Floor mtd. lever between Driver &
Co-Driver seat.

Suspension :
Semi elliptical leaf,tension side of leaf shot - peened (under slung).

Wheels, Rims :
Mag wheels
215 / 75 R 15 Radial.

Electricals System :
12 Volt Battery/70 Amp.Hr.Alternator 65 Amps. With vaccum pump.

Instruments :
Speedometer (kms./hr), Temperature and fuel gauge ,oil pressuren guage, Voltmeter, light indicators for battery charging, oil pressur, high beam and temperature,parking brake, hazzard & brake fluid level warning indicator, 4 WD high & low indicator .

Fuel Tank :
Capacity 40 litres with electrical fuel gauge.

Seating Capacity :
4 including driver.

Curb Weight :
1245 kg.

G.V.W. :
1600 kg.

Engine Specifications :

Engine : Diesel XDP 4.90 B

Type : In line, 4 Cylinder, 4 Stroke

Bore/Stroke : 90 mm * 83 mm

Capacity : 2112 cc

Maximum Horse Power : 62 @ 4500 RPM

Maximum Torque : 12.3 Kgm @ 2000 RPM

Fuel Injection System : Distributor Pump

Compression Ratio : 22.4 : 1

Weight of engine (Dry) : 184 Kg

Dream come true!

Welcome Jeepers!

Here is my dream come true! Now I own a Mahindra Classic alias CL340 DP 4WD. One of the precious and ever wanted JEEP from Mahindra & Mahindra. This Jeep is made upon Willys CJ3B platform with some latest addons.

Though the Classic's production started during 1996, M&M got to stop the Classic line of production with in a shortwhile on 2000. Hence very few of these Gems are available on the road on the market. Hence getting this jeep is a real challenge for many. I was searching for this jeep for more than 4 years and found one in a wreck condition. This whole blog is our restoration of my Mahindra classic Jeep.