Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mahindra CL340 DP 4WD - Body Work - Sand Blasting

As the orignal color of my jeep as per the RC book is Red, I make up my mind to restore the original color. The project body work started here with Sand blasting.

Sand Blasting is been taken for removing black paint on the surface. My jeep stands for blasting action in a sand blasting company:

There two blasting required one is the hard blast to remove the paint, rust and damaged putty and the second blasting is soft blasting with nice sand material to clean up the surface. Here is the 1st blasting:

Opps, Lately I learned a lesson after loosing my windshield glass. Before blasting the jeep one should remove all the glass items.

After the surface cleaning activity, this is how my jeep looked:

After removing the broken glass and windshield folded position

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Anonymous said...

hi . . i bought a jeep and now i discover it leaks gas . . showed it to mahindra showroom and they said they will have to change the pistons and all . . 20 k is the charge,. what should i do ?