Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Mahindra Classic: Specifications

CL340 DP 4WD - General Specifications:

Cooling System :
Water cooled, centrifugal pump type, thermostat controlled.

Clutch Type :
Single Dry plate, heavy duty, Outside dia .235mm.

Transmission :
Ratio Type :4 Speed, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Synchromesh

1st gear 3.986:1
2nd gear 2.368:1
3rd gear 1.473:1
4th gear 1.000:1
Reverse 5.315:1

Transfer Case :
Type 2 speed, single lever located on Floor. Ratio :High 1:1, Low 2.46:1.

Front Axle :
Full floating hypoid type.
Capacity : 907 kg. Axle Roatio 4.88:1.

Rear Axle Capacity :
Semi floating Capacity 1134kg.Axle Roatrio 4.88:1.

Steering :
Ball Type. Ratio 20:1 3 Spoke steering wheel.

Turing Circle radius :
5.3 m.

Brakes :
Service :- Tandem Master cylinder, Servo Actuated Disc in front, Internal Expanding shoe brake at rear
Parking :- Internal expanding operates on Rear Wheels, Floor mtd. lever between Driver &
Co-Driver seat.

Suspension :
Semi elliptical leaf,tension side of leaf shot - peened (under slung).

Wheels, Rims :
Mag wheels
215 / 75 R 15 Radial.

Electricals System :
12 Volt Battery/70 Amp.Hr.Alternator 65 Amps. With vaccum pump.

Instruments :
Speedometer (kms./hr), Temperature and fuel gauge ,oil pressuren guage, Voltmeter, light indicators for battery charging, oil pressur, high beam and temperature,parking brake, hazzard & brake fluid level warning indicator, 4 WD high & low indicator .

Fuel Tank :
Capacity 40 litres with electrical fuel gauge.

Seating Capacity :
4 including driver.

Curb Weight :
1245 kg.

G.V.W. :
1600 kg.

Engine Specifications :

Engine : Diesel XDP 4.90 B

Type : In line, 4 Cylinder, 4 Stroke

Bore/Stroke : 90 mm * 83 mm

Capacity : 2112 cc

Maximum Horse Power : 62 @ 4500 RPM

Maximum Torque : 12.3 Kgm @ 2000 RPM

Fuel Injection System : Distributor Pump

Compression Ratio : 22.4 : 1

Weight of engine (Dry) : 184 Kg


Anan said...

this is a good information about the machine. good job. can you please mention the mileage in Km/L with 2wd and 4wd and average.

Sivakumar said...

Actually the millage is depending on various factors not just 2WD / 4WD

The below factors contribute to millage calculation

1. City traffic
2. Road condition
3. Drivers capability
4. Clutch driving
5. Load in the vehicle
6. Wheel modification (Lighter the wheel(Alloys) higher the millage)
7. Condition of the Engine
8. Gear ratio (Having overdrive may give good millage too)
9. Various terrain condition in offroading (Sand, Mud, Rock, Clay, Water) can contribute different millage
10. Highway driving
12. Break cylinder and caliper condition

This could be extended to any long you want. In a simplistic manner here is my answer

In good highway without pushing the accelerator, Clutch and Break on a consistent speed I'm getting around 21 km/liter diesel

In the worst city traffic it goes even all the way down to 9 km/liter

But avg city drive gives around 14 km/liter

Anonymous said...

your jeep has the original engine? or you changed it later on ? the original engine is a peugeot one right? please confirm.

Sivakumar said...

Peugeot XDP 4.99 to be precise

Srinivas said...

Hi am shortly buying MM 540 and planning to do a makeover. Can you give your guidelines or suggestions pl.


ERIN said...

My cl340Dp is in excellent condition but the hand brakes are missing. The lever is what i have and can you help me with the details of spares required to make it work.
Erin @erinelouis@hotmail.com

mithunblog said...

Can you mention please Mahindra Classic Price in India and Its Mileage and Mahindra Classic is available now 2011

@k$h@t said...

i want to buy a 2nd hand mahindra classic. i searched a lot but its not available.
can u help me out?

Rahul Debnath said...

I want to buy a new classic. Is it available in market? I try my label best, but can't found in Mahindra site's. Can u plz call me on 09433827251.

Rahul Debnath said...

I want to buy a new Mahindra Classic jeep. But I can't found this car in Mahindra's website.....

Can u plz call me on 09433827251


the power rate mentioned is tottaly mistaken because the the maximum power of a classic jeep 1996
cl 500 di is 196 bhp and you said that it is 60
an old maruthi 800 has 63 bhp power
and then you said a great blunder

Innovative Creation said...

is it convertible ?