Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mahindra Classic - Ramsey Winch

A offroader without self recovery kit is dangerous as I really know what kind of help required when performing the offroad act. So I had a long wish to have a winch fitted in my jeep. But availability of good winch in India is a big issue. Forget about good one, we don't have have a bad one. The only option for us to import a winch from abroad, but it came with a big toll on import duty and shipping cost.

But I'm lucky my friend in bangalore got a lot containing few winches directly from Ramsey Winch company. I suppose they are the No.1 in the world and the only winch company that produces winches in USA only. As my friends got it directly from one of the distributor in USA, we got it in a good deal. Hmmm not to mention I have a sliece on that lot. Hence my visit to bangalore.

It was early saturyday morning around 4:00am I cranked the jeep for the recovery eqiupment purchase trip. After 6 and half hour long trip, I reached bangalore and got the winch which was safely kept in a gunny bag.
However the winch platform plate was not availed as a part of our deal, so we didn't had an option but to fabircate. The issue is that the total time to fabricate the plate may take more that 2 days but I wanted to entire thing to be completed on the same day. So my Jeeper friend Suresh came out with an option to take his mounting plate and fix the winch on my Jeep, so he can get his plate done in the due course as he lives in Bangalore itself. I must thank him a lot for the genrous help extended. He also helped the mechanics in removeing and fitting the platform on my jeep.
Here is the wire remote controller for the winch, this remote got two sides. The red one is to pull the cable in to the winch and the black side is to release the cable from the winch.
The winch also came with instuction booklet and couple of stickers and goodies.
After a day long opterations the crew in the bangalore Jeep garage got the winch mounted on my jeep.
The had couple of challenges mounting the platform and winch on my jeep as the Mahindra Classic came with fron tow hook and chrome bull bar which were not standard for the winch mouting plate.
So they did couple of alerations to the winch platform without disturbing the originality of my Jeep. Hurray after completing couple of stages the Ramsey REP 8000 was successfully fitted on my Mahindra Classic jeep.
Finally today morning I started my trip back to Chennai with newly fitted winch.
Now my jeep wears a great recovery tool that is also suggested by Mahindra the manufacturers of Mahindra Classic. Along with the winch I also got a Snatch block for the double power winching operation.
After fitting in Bangalore and today while entering to chennai the nature poured rain water excessively on my jeep saying monsoon is just getting closure for fruitful offroading days.
Now I need to upgrade my electical generator and battery in my Jeep to make the winching a pleasant one.