Friday, February 1, 2008

Classic Spares

The difficult part of the project is getting all the right spares, I could manage to get some relevant spares for the jeep. However there are still problems in many areas. wherever there is no on the stock spares, I have decided to fabricate them.

Above picture shows the first part of spares I procured for the jeep. You can see the piano switch which is not the orginal Classic's piano switch. This one is bigger than the original as the latest jeeps got this type(Probably here I made a compromise.).

List of materials procured:
  1. Front grill mesh
  2. Headlight reflectors
  3. Monograms
  4. Piano Swithes
  5. Side Mirrors
  6. Tool kit
  7. Wheel Jack
  8. Coolent tank
  9. Rubber boots
  10. Bonnet Hooks
  11. Speedo Cable

I have managed to order a set of 5 spokes wheels, I will take one for my spare and I will sell the other four as the distributor accepts order for 5 nos. only.


Napster said...

Where did you pick up the spares ? I'm searching for one

Sasi Nair said...

i want 4 spoke wheels for my mahindra classis jeeep . can please help me find them.

adithya vinayak said...

fro where did u get the mag wheels ?

om prakash deg said...


Pse share with me about source of Spoke wheels of CL. The same is urgently required for baby of 2010 model.

Thanx & Regards,