Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mahindra CL 340 DP - Parts Catalogue

Today I got another important stuff which helps me to find the right spares. Yes. It is the Mahindra's original Parts Catalogue. I'm lucky enough to get to see the original book from one of the spare distributor, you know what he accepted my request for photocopying the book. Life is little easy now, I found the exact list of spares in it.
Above picture shows the original parts catalogue and the photocopy.
This book helped me identifying the tow hook and bonnet rubbers from the distributor. He says he will inquire and let me know about other part numbers I was ordering to him. Apart from the two items, I managed to grab some auto roller seat belts from the second hand market. Is it not good to see the jeep with seat belts ? Basically I need it for sure as my kids love to travel in the awesome vehicle (JEEP), after all security first ;-)


Vijay said...


My name is Vijay and I am deperately searching for a part.The auto part dealers have asked for the part number but I havent been able to source a catalog.Could you help me by telling me the part number I am looking for.

My number is 9845530451

Sameer Prabhukhanolkar said...

Hi. Can you please give me a copy of this catalogue? My no is 9209118535.plz revert

Tinton Abraham said...

Hi. My name in Tinton Abraham. I have a 1999 model classic.Can you please give me a copy of this catalogue of Mahindra classic as i need some parts to be ordered from mumabi.? My no is 8281380764.plz revert. I could credit the amount to your account.