Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Spares Cond...

Here comes my next bunch of spares, lucky enough to get the 2nd batch of spares odered. However still I couldn't source the wire wheels (though the dealer says it is in the transit), softop and frames.

What you have seen in the above picture are:

  1. Rear spacers (comes above the mudguard)
  2. Tail lamp assembly
  3. Front Indicator assembly
  4. Side indicators (Compromise! as I couldn't get the ones of Classic, I have made my mind to use the MM540's side indicators. There will a minor tinkering work to fit this on the mudguard.)
  5. Wiper-water spray nozzles.
  6. Internal rear view mirror
  7. Stearing Wheel (One that is used in Mahindra Bolero, Actually there is no difference expect the work mahindra used in classic and the mahindra's logo in Bolero stearing wheel.)
  8. Set of bulbs
  9. Parking light assembly
  10. two way switch
  11. Mud flaps for front and rear

Look at the below picture that shows the side indicators of MM540 and the water nozzle for wiper. Choosen this for making myself safe with the unavailability of Classic's side indicators.

The stearing wheel of bolero with Mahindra's new logo. (Classic's original stearing wheel is in the same size but instead of logo there was a Mahindra script.)

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