Tuesday, September 1, 2009

MahindraClassic gets a new Music System

Hurray it's again time for little bit of entertainment after the many tiring works that got completed recently. I have also gone out with the Explorer for an OTR too. I will post the detailed report by tomorrow but before that here is the new Music system that got installed in the Explorer.
This system is made in China and not so costlier one, who dares to install a costly system on a open jeep. First of all the rain or moisture may spoil a electronic components or the unnecessary worries about loosing it to a thief. Anyway the Chinese make is not that bad, though the sound quality is not upto the branded ones but the package is good overall for a diesel jeep with canvas top where wind makes more sound than the music system.
The great advantage of this music system is that it can play MP3/WMA music files from SD card and USB Memory stick and what not it also got a FM and AM Tunner.


jerald said...

I like your jeep. i am eager to buy a jeep. please let me know how much it would cost for a new one or an second hand. Also shall i use jeep for family drive?

Tejas said...

Hey, how did you cut the fibre dash to install the deck? i want to do the same to install a electrical fan blower in the same area. Looks like the rectangle AC vents.
- Tejas (from teambhp)