Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Explorer is in the Operation theater

My explorer is in the operation theater now, today only lots of preparation work has been done and the engine transplantation has been kicked off. The mechanic has carefully removed the winch, front grill and other components from the engine bay.
New engine is really cool looking after primer painting. All leaked oils, diesel have been cleaned properly and painted.
We found the clutch disc surface had water markings with minor rust and with the help of surface cleaning done by the lathe people now the ply wheel clutch surface is back to good condition.
I put my little effort to get the Peugeot XDP 4.9 2112CC 62BHP engine coming out of the engine bay, this is the last time the original engine sits on my Jeep. In fact my current engine had done its last run in this morning to the Mechanic's garage.

It was sad to see the engine getting down from the under bonnet compartment, but all for good. Tomorrow the Classic is going to wear a upgraded engine and all new power band is assured. (The current engine is good at compression and it pulled me all over the places I visited, it never let me down) Adieu Peugeot XDP.
The Peugeot XD3P installation required minor parts replacement such as water jacket replacement, clutch release bearing replacement, accelerator cable replacement and major issue are being worked on the battery and air filter fitment area.
The mechanic and myself are working to find a better solution, I hope we will come up with an idea before tomorrow afternoon so the actual transplantation will be completed before tomorrow evening. In any case I'm pretty much on the schedule.
Along with the engine transplantation I've also decided to change the radiator not that my current radiator got any issue or something, but I wished to have a four core radiator. As I have already plans set for Air-conditioning the Classic cabin, I'm working out all the possible requirements.

I have sourced SK radiator company's four core radiator today (Brand new) and same will be installed tomorrow. The current radiator from explorer will be installed in the Navigator (Petrol CJ3B)
Alongside all these upgrades the Explorer got it's origina front bumper corner protector shields.

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