Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mahindra Classic wears XD3P motor now

The Mahindra Classic has got the Peugeot XD3P engine mounted and started now. But it is not completed yet as we are facing few teething issues with the clutch wire routing as the cross shaft clutch assy used in the previous engine is not usable with the current engine.
Hence looking for options to complete the installation, at the max I may fabricate a clamp to route the cable like original one.
As expected the engine mount was very simple as both the previous engine and the current ones are using similar engine bed (mounting platform).
We started to engine today and I fell in lust with the sound, It showed me a future of much reduced noise driving experience.
I have also took a picture of my current odo reading(48994) so, this will serve me a purpose of total number of kilometers that I'm going to drive the Jeep with XD3P engine.

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