Friday, April 25, 2008

Naming ceremony - Explorer

The re-born boy Mr.Mahindra Classic has also undergone a naming ceremony, As I have officially named my Jeep as Explorer.
The name in reflectors sticked on the windshield and looks awesom.


nivish said...

how much money should i pay for you to give your sweet machine...,

Sivakumar said...

Hi Nivish, I could see how much you love Mahindra Classic from your post. But I got the same kind of love&interest towards my machine. Can't imagine my status without my jeep.

To give you an idea of building a Mahindra Classic, you need to spend atleast 3L to 3.5L to make a good mahindra classic or buy a mahindra classic.

There are few out there in punjab are on the sale, why don't you try out with people who are ready to sell and make your jeep special with your treatments?

nivish said...

i am looking for cj340,or mm540 jeeps if you find any types with good engine,and clear papers just mail to