Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Show Off - Mahindra Classic

The day one experience in my office with Mahindra Classic is really amazing, as almost all the vivid automobile enthusiastic reached me asking for details of the Jeep. Even some of them wondered if I spent huge budget to bring it to this condition (Not their mistake as they compare the work with modern car's maintenance cost).

Driving to office in Classic is not so easy as modern cars but the impression I create on the road is amazing experience. I could see the crowd in local transport buses, two wheelers, Drivers of other cars apply break to see me. My parking lot in office was already surrounded by the smokers who pass by every time, the security guards stopped asking me the ID as they recognize me with my jeep ;-) he he he (Unique feature)
I have not really engaged the 4WD in my Jeep though few tests proved it in good working state, will make an attempt in the near future. The spare wheel, exhaust pipe and side view mirror are the last pending work that I need to concentrate as of now, hope to get it done very soon.


Dasan said...

your vehicle is too good my mail ID Is murugadasan@
can you send your contact ID because i am trying to alter a jeep for my dream. kindly help me

uday said...

hey bro how much u have spent mony on want to plan for this...? send me mail on
Thanks in advance

Tony said...

buddy, can't stop laughing hearing about people's reaction to ur CJ 340!

I'm in the market now for a claasic and after reading ur post, I can't wait to mine :)

Can you tell me what price range i can expect to pay and typical maintenance costs since I haven't owned a Jeep before. Cheers!