Monday, November 3, 2008

Bathing Mahindra Classic

I haven't done water wash of the jeep after it was restored. About two weeks back I have done a slush offroad with folks from Chennai. Though the terrain was too good, I missed my opportunity to click pictures that stopped my writing blogs about my trip. Since it was a slush offroad, loads of mud caught into my jeep's under body and badly wanted to do a water wash, but subsequent rain made the whole Chennai city into a larger water pool, so didn't give bath to the Jeep.

Last week Thursday turned out to be a perfect day after the rain for water wash.
I could manage to spray some oil in the under body portion of my jeep, I hope that will prevent any rust formation as it prevents the metal from directly exposed to the moisture and salty air (I stay close to sea shore.)

What else, the water service also paved way for greasing the Jeeps parts, hmmm I really felt the changes in the last weekend trip.
Last weekend was a great JEEP weekend, as I drove the jeep for about 750kms out of which about 20kms were offroading at my farm.


Baburaj said...

I am baburaj and I have got my hands on a 340 this week. Want to do a lot of things that you did. But want to make the front two brakes to disc with booster assist. How much does it cost

I also want to fix a hand brake . Did you do this.

Finally how is the engine (2112 CC) doing. Does it have enough power. I was thinking of replacing the engine with Bolero engine.

Please advice and keep in touch
My Email Id is

jumanji73 said...

My name is Josemon George I was searching a 340 JEEP,Can you help me out to get one like this.
I am from Bangalore
Cell 09611349646

Chantigadu... said...

hi siva,

i am also in chennai, staying in Velachery, i have seen 1 classic jeep and buying it this weekend, i want to talk to u regarding that and to have some valuable inputs abt jeep.

u can reach me on 9940679105. i hope u got my curiosity.