Monday, March 16, 2009

Trips with Trailer - Mahindra Classic

I have been thinking that I will add a winch, overdrive and Peugeot XD3P 2.5L Diesel power plant to the Jeep. But never thought that I will be needing a companion to the Jeep itself. Though my farm and urban travels are always filled with my rear passenger area of the jeep, I never had an idea of trailer.

In the recent past, I wanted to give it a try to mate a trailer with the jeep. Few of my train travel via. Chennai, Avadi military scrap yard made me think like that. You know what today I own a trailer.

A month back I paid an token advance to take my trailer(Mahindra branded) from one of the army scrap vendor here, however I requested him to assist me for the paper work so the trailer is road legal.

I saw my trailer loaded in a truck, collected few pictures for future reference. Then my rush to know about the trailer gave me mind full of information.

1. Mahindra Trailers are equipped with Break assy. with the hook bar and emergency breaks.
2. Mahindra Trailers got cross bar to manually pull the trailer, this could be folded down when towing
3. Mahindra Trailers are got smalls hooks inside and outer side of the body
4. Mahindra Trailers got tools box on the right side of the outer body wall
5. Mahindra Trailers got Quadrilateral shaped mudguards and box typed mudguards

1. Bantam Trailers got no break assy but equipped with emergency break
2. Bantam Trailers got round shaped mudguard
3. Bantam Trailers got wiring for rear taillamp which could be attached with the Jeep (advantage)
4. Bantam Trailers were easy operatable when taking reverse as there is no breaks attached in the tow bar, the Mahindra's normally hit the break and makes bit tough for reverse operations.

Finally today, it was my towing experience. It was scary and exciting as I'm learning something new.
The first trailer towing experience was bit too long, as I had to tow the trailer for aroudn 30kms in Chennai's peak hour traffic. Unfortunately I had to drive the jeep with trailer during office close time and got stuck in the traffic. The issue came when I wanted to reverse the trailer, woah.. no way I could do the trailer goes on it's own path. I need to learn the tactics of driving the trailer now. Since I was not sure how to reverse the jeep with trailer finally I had to remove it from the hook and manually reverse then got it back to the jeep again.

The trailer has been dropped at my sand blasting unit, tomorrow morning the guys in the sandblasting workshop will do the required work for the trailer.

I hope to pick it up after 2-3 days as my office time realy prevents me going so far during week days.


Harjeev Singh Chadha said...

Hi Siva
Nice to see that you've updated this blog. I am following it closely.
If I may request, would you be ok to add the cost details too. It would really help novices like me to be better prepared for our purchase and restoration!!!
BTW I too am currently restoring a MM550 @

UBS said...

Hello Siva, Congratulations!!!
The trailer looks good and well restored.
The wheel sizes are not too different from the jeep's so driving should not be a problem.
I would advise that the tool bob could be removed from the rear side and placed fomewhere towards the front. The narrow rear end would be safe for turning. Give it a thought and have a tail light and two reflectors at the back.
All the best and keep practising reversing the jeep with the trailer through a goal post.

Vishaljeet Singh said...

Hi Siva,

I am in a desperate need of a trailer for myself. I drive ford ecosport. I need this since I take my bike around for motocross racing across the country and is very difficult to ship it every time. If at all you know of any one selling a trailer like your or anything that can fit my vehicle I will be extremely grateful. I reside in Pune but can purchase from anywhere in the country
Please mail me on
Thank You
Vishal Sanghra