Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mahindra Classic - Organic Farmer's Jeep

My new avatar is called Organic Former, Oh yeah! I'm a former now successfully done Rice, Sugar cane, Ground nut and now it is mango season. All were in the form of Organic forming.

To my assitance the Jeep really stood along as transporting medium. Last to last weekend I was carrying around 800kg of "Senthura" variety mango from the farm to Chennai's vegetable/fruit market.

I went to the farm and plucked the mangos by hand gathered them into the Jeep Trailer, it took me more than 6 hours with 2 peoples assistance to fill the trailer. By the time we finished the harvesting it was too dark to take pictures. Hence the pictures shows half filled trailer with organic mangos of my farm.

Though my farming was full with organic ideas implemented, the market seems to be looking forward to spoil the corps with various chemical processing. Especially the Calcium Carbide ripening .. which is too dangerous and toxic.

If anyone who reads this thread please understand not a single mango that are selling in Chennai's open market is organic and the ripening process is used with Calcium Carbide stones.

Calcium Carbide when mixed with water produces acetylene which is highly combustible substance and when mixed with oxygen can be used for welding and cutting metals.

Rather said that besides acetylene, ethylene which is also a plant hormone regulator is also produced and this characteristic helps in ripening of fruits. As the science says, Calcium Carbide is carsogenic in nature and it is not in purified form and contains traces of arsenic which too is toxic.

I can supply to those who can buy 50kg or more organic mangos, as the ripening process that I use is the good old home process using the dry paddy grass method.

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