Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mahindra CL340 DP chase and underbody work

At last the body tub has been removed out from the chase, there were couple of folks were engaged on the duty.
This activity pushed the jeep to next level as the major tinkering work has been completed. The only part left with the tinker is to straighten the uneven surface with file-hammer and applying metal paste on the tinkered areas.
While the tinker working on the body tub's bottom part, the painter also started cleaning the chase for anti-corrosive treatment. We found lots of accumulated mud on the engine and gear box area due to the greasy nature. Hence cleaned the whole chase and engine with petrol and soap water.
The below picture shows the Mahindra Classic's chase mounted with engine and gearbox. The rest of the activities on the jeep will be building the components from this stage.


Automobile Truck Body building said...

very nice work, it is really good work and keep it up, can we see the finished photo of your jeep, thanking you, v.s.logaraj

Sivakumar said...

Hi Press the Home link below this comment section. The jeep is fully ready and going real hardcore offroading now a days.

You can see my jeep in Mahindra Coffee table book in the future.

B M H said...

I m also searching for a Mahindra Classic Steering Lock (ignition) as Mine is not working.

Where can i source this from ?