Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mahindra Classic - Tools collection

Time is running like the light, the most awaited offroad challenges that I have been waiting for the past three years are nearing soon. I asked myself and the offroading related clubs that I'm associated and got some answers. Hence the whole exercise of building the essential, enhancement and recovery tools for offroad challenges. Do i need a binacular yes who knows if i visit a good green hilly side, won't I need a binacular? (Never mind I have the Nikon Binacular as part of my Jeep accessories)
The first and and for most thing is my mandatory tool kit as suggested in the user manual of the Mahindra Classic. (You all have noticed that I have already stated in my previous blog about the hydraulic jack, hence I have not included in here but it is part of my jeep)
Since it is a jeep anytime anything can happen ;-) hence I wish I shouldn't stand in the dark night or on a highway without few things. Classified them here, A head strap attached tourch, a blinking flash light, reflective jacket, work glows, a hazard flag and compass. (A GPS device and maps are also found and it will be show cased when I start using them in the jeep as currently I don't find any map suitable for all the land in India)The mini axe and shawl tool is the import from Singapore. It could be folded and put it on the waist belt with the cover provided. (see the green colored cover under the tool)I found it when I was visiting a trekking accessories supplier. I remembered in my last quarry offroad where I had to switch off the engine due to a hindrance created by a plant with lots of needle like stem. I had to protect myself from the needles while handling the open top jeep with windshield folded.Hence a mini axe and few cutting objects are necessary on offroad ground also a shawl to do something on the ground under the tyre.Now comes another thing which I thought I need when I was first floated on the beach sand. I heard my jeep mates saying I should deflate the tyre to get broader surface to float on the sand. I asked myself what happens when I come out of the sand ? will the deflated tyres help me reach my destination, who knows? running the deflated tyre on the hard surface may cause fatal to the tyres. So needed something handy to inflate whenever required. Thus, I asked my friend who was returning from US of A to bring me a good inflator that could work in the jeep's 12v adaptor.

I'm not so fit and confidence to use hand or foot pump to inflate the tyre, so the electrical compact compressor with 250psi capacity. It took around 15mins to fill my empty tyre to fully inflated one. The electrical wire is length enough to pull the box around the 5 wheels in the jeep(including stepney). The box is too good as the wire and hose are tied around the compressor box.

I still need to buy a hand tow strap with hooks attached (Currently I'm using a heavy steel cable but looking for something lightweight), A highlift Jack, A good strong tool box and A Winch to fill up the whole recovery kit. Hmmm they are big budget grabbers so will take some time to bring them under the jeep's hood.

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