Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mahindra Classic - Service for better driving

Its been some times since I started observing few issues from the Jeep for settling down. I have categorized them in 3 options and few parts got changed for this categories too.

1. Enhancement

Since the wiper blade was keep on slipping during the rain, I found the factory fitted type milling on the wiper assembly where the Wiper arm connects got issue. Got is replaced with the ones comes with HM Ambassador cars. They are screw tightened and gives better grip to the arm.

2. Repair work for Security

I had issue with the oil circulation pump which comes in the rear side of the alternator which caused oil leak in the air vacuum rubber tube and subsequently spoiled my new break booster. Also noticed oil leak in the break booster MC cylinder stem. Already my break pedals got stiffer due to this issue, so i have replaced the whole booster kit with a brand new one.

3. Riding comfort

As I have seen the steering play and minor shake while applying break found few issues in the steering as one of the nut was missing and got replaced. The shaky ride during break is due to some issue with the tie-rod ends. So the original RANE steering tie-rod ends were replaced too.

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