Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mahindra Classic - Farm and Forest safari

Last week turned out to be a safari week to me my jeep. The trip to my farm ignited an idea to my mind for visiting the “Jawadhu Hills”. The Mango farm which I have is in the western side of the hills and is a scenic place for the eyes. So just to spend my weekends I geared up in my Jeep to the farm.Since it was a cloudy day there were lighting and thunderstorm hitting the area, while I was looking at the scenic place, all of sudden a lightning attacked a green palm tree and the next second the tree was burn to death. Look at the video below

Ever since I landed in the farm, my mind was set on the hills and its thick forest in the background. Though my farm is right under the hills but the motorable path to the hill top is around 100+ kilometers from my farm, but the passion to explore the hills boosted me to drive all the way 100kms to the motorable road.
It was really nice view on the mountain roads with lots of hair pin bends and scenic green fields everywhere. The Jawadhu Hills are a famous mountain in the eastern guards and there are few tourist attractions here along with an Asia’s largest observatory, it is located in a village called Kavalur in Jawadhu Hills... The main village in the hills is called “Jamuna Maruthur”.Since it is a forest with lots of sandel wood there is couple of government offices such as Forest department office, Block Development office, etc found in this village.Last weekend also seems to be a kodai festival for the villages here; hence all the surrounding villagers came together in Jamuna Maruthur. The most attracted event was the 50CC bike race; I had a terrible time with the small bikes with altered exhausts to produce more sound so the villagers feel as if to drive a huge Bike.
The hill roads often get some small road branches that are taking path to the small mountain villages.
The tribal people staying in mountains are very friends and their life style is totally different than ours.
The Jawadhu hills got animals like “Leopard”, “Elephant”, “Fox”, “Python”, “Beer” and “Deer” etc. But none of them could be spotted on the road side as this forest is too thick and huge. Also the Jawadhu hills are famous for delicious Jack fruits, Bamboo honey and Tamarind. I enjoyed my whole trip with the jack fruit dipped in the wild honey…wah what a taste.My trip with in the hills to the Vainu Pappu Observatory became a failure as the observatory opens to public only on Saturdays.
The trip was so much of fun driving back in the down ways of forest surround hill roads.

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