Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mahindra Classic - Offroad @ clay land

I could hear my explorer crying yesterday night, I know the reason too. looked like explorer wanted to do some serious offroading trial. From hardcore offroader perspective it is my jeep's right to go for offroading. Since there is no immediate company to come with me for a trial, I had to try with the road work debris to test drive the jeep.
Then I took the jeep to Velachery marsh land. This is the place behind Pallikaranai marsh and near to the Velachery MRTS. Wow, it was amazing and I was totally thrilled with my explorer.
In a particular situation were were got caught into the clay but it was only for few mins hard try and explorer could find its way out. No one to push or pull but the four wheels!


എ.ജെ. said...


I m also a fan of Classic, n m in search 4 my machine...

could you tel me something abt the mileage of your Classic... and how many bucks you spent on this from Day1 to make it in present condition.

Nyway good effort... I appreciate your affection towards Classic.

Do reply plz

Sivakumar said...

Hi VJ,

Good to see you here, here are the info you have asked:

I'm getting around 14 in the city and 17-20 in the Highway. During offroad we can't predict the millage as it stays out of our expectation.

My whole thing went around 3L till now.