Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mahindra Classic : Offroad @ Quarry

Today another great day with Mahindra Classic, a real offroad session organized by the local Jeeper's club called Jeep Thills. As the name says the club got lots of thrilling activities to feed the adventure hungry jeeps.
We have gone to a quarry where the blue metals were extracted from exploding huge hills. Basically these quarries use dynamites to explosion and break the stones that could be used in the crusher machine to produce blue metals used in the civil industry. We had real adventures offroad session today to climbing up hills and going down with a loose soil, it was a wow experience.

Since the whole things was in the hills we got lots of opportunity to testify the jeep's capabilities. Altast for all of us, it is a wow thing with the jeep.
The quarry was drilled so deep about 100-200 meters deep and we went uphills to watchout the whole quarry in our jeep. It was an awesom experience to trek with jeeps.. lol. See in the below picture and spot the jeep that I'm driving.
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